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The Great Fire of Hartshill

On Friday morning we were very excited because we invited the fire bridge to come along and help us recreate the Great Fire of London. 
During our design technology lesson we created a Tudor style house which were like the buildings that got burnt down during the Great Fire of London in 1666. We first of all shared some facts with the firemen about the Great Fire of London and we gave them some information booklets that we created to take away with them.
The firemen then set the houses alight and we watched carefully how the fire spread so quickly because the houses were very close together and also the wind was blowing the fire towards the other houses.  


Shared Reading Afternoon 

We had a lovely afternoon where we were able to share some of our favourite stories and books with our grown ups. 
Click here to see more photos. 


Art - Great Fire of London Silhouette scene

Firstly we learnt all about how people use paintings as a history source to find out information about past events as things such as cameras and video recorders were not around at this time. We then looked a different artist impressions of the Great Fire of London. We learnt what a silhouette painting was. 
To create our artwork, we combined layers of issue paper. We ripped the tissue paper into long strips and stuck them vertically to make it look like flames were reaching up to the sky. We then glazed over the top of the tissue paper with a thin layer of PVA to make the picture glow. Afterwards we used black strips of paper to create the silhouette of Tudor houses.


REAL P.E - Balance

During our REAL P.E sessions we have been practising our balancing skills. We had to walk forwards and backwards in a straight line ensuring we were putting one foot in front of the other. 
We were also coaches to our partner giving them tips on how to improve such as:
- Put your arms out to help you balance
- Keep your head looking forward
- Keep your back straight andf your tummy tight


2Bi WW2 The Home Front Homelearning

A very big well done to all the children who have created homelearning about WW2. It has been lovely to display all of your work within the classroom that you have worked so hard on. 
A big thank you to parents/carers for continuing to support your child at home and helping to create amazing pieces of work. 


Christmas Party 

Today we had our Year 2 Christmas party. We did lots of dancing and played musical statues, musical bumps, pass the parcel and best dancer. We had so much fun with all our friends!!

A big well done to Georgina for winning pass the parcel and Steven-Junior for winning musical statues. 


Christmas Jumper Day

2Bi getting into the Christmas spirit by wearing their Christmas jumpers. You all look amazing!!


Evacuee Poem

Within our GPS group today we have learnt a Evacuee Poem off by heart which we performed as a small group to the rest of the class. 

I’ve left my Mum, she had to stay
I wish she’d come with me today.
I’ve left my bike, my pride and joy
I couldn’t bring my favourite toy
I’ve left my friends, all I know
I wish I didn’t have to go.


World War II Day

As part of our topic “WW2 The Home Front” we held a World War Two Day. We all dressed up in WW2 clothing, most of the children dressed as evacuees and some of the teachers as Land Girls. We put on a special presentation for Hartshill over 50’s club, shared our wartime ration biscuits with them, displayed some of our amazing homelearning, sang a range of WW2 songs that we had learnt and listened to some of their memories of the war as children.

We would like to say a huge thank you to our visitors that gave up their time to come and see us, it was a wonderful afternoon and experience for both the children and teachers. 

Ration Biscuits 

As part of our topic 'WW2 The Home Front' we have been learning about rationing and how due to the shortage of food it needed to be shared equally among families. Using a 1943 wartime recipe we weighed, mixed and combined ingredients to make WW2 Rations Biscuits. 

The picture above is an exact ration for one adult for one week during WW2.



Gas Mask Box

As part of our topic 'WW2 The Home Front' we learnt about gas masks and that everyone needed to carry their gas mask with them at all times. We coloured in the net of a cuboid, cut the net out and folded it carefully. We then stuck the flaps to the side of the box and made two holes for the strong handle. We also created a label for our boxes just in case it ever got lost it could be returned. 


Metal Detectors 

We found out that within Nuneaton and other places in the UK any spare metal was collected up during WW2 to be melted down to make weapons such as guns, bullets and bombs, and helmets for the soldiers. Today we went for a walk in our local area to look for metal that could have been melted down for WW2 weapons. We also stopped at the Hartshill War Memorial to think about all the soldiers that went to war from Hartshill.


Evacuee Suitcases

This week in or topic ''WW2 The Home Front' we have been making our own evacuee suitcase. We had to pretend we were evacuees and we had to think carefully of 5 important things we would take with us and why.



The Blitz

This afternoon we experienced what it might have been like during the Blitz. Firstly we put tape across the windows in the shape of a cross to prevent the glass from shattering and we turned all the lights off. When we heard the air raid siren we had to quickly and carefully hide under the tables and we could only come back out when we heard the second siren. We then discussed how the people would have felt during this. 


Identity Card

To kick start our topic 'WW2 The Home Front' we made our very own identity card to keep safe in our drawer. If we are ever stopped by a member of the army we must present them straight away so they know we are from Great Britain and not from one of the Axis countries. It was a criminal offence not to carry your identify card during World War 2.