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1Bi - Miss Bilic

Welcome to 1Bi's class page



Toy Day - Tommy Top Hat Visit 

Today Year One were delighted to host Tommy Top-Hat and his incredible collection of old toys.  We spent the whole day playing!  It has been great fun and we enjoyed every minute! 
Tommy showed us lots of toys from the past including a Humming Top, a Zoetrope, a Jack in the Box, several string puppets, a musical carousel and some trapeze toys.  We thought about how the toys worked and looked carefully at their mechanisms.  We spent a long time handling, exploring and playing with lots of toys from the past and sharing this experience with our friends.  Tommy brought lots of outdoor toys for us to experience such as cup and ball, hoop and stick, skipping ropes, marbles, skittles, hobby horses and hoopla.  We also learnt some parlour games from the past.  The Minister’s Cat, Poor Pussy Cat, Riddles and What am I? as well as “Paddy from Home” which we learnt to play whilst singing and holding string and chanting “oompa, oompa, oompa”!   At the end of the afternoon Tommy showed us how to make some old toys, a Whizzer, a Thaumatrope and a flip book. 


Toys - My Favourite Toy

This half term we are learning all about Toys. To kick start our topic we bought in our favourite toy from home and we spent the afternoon painting our toys. 
Here are some of our paintings. 


Visit from Santa 

On our last day of school we had a very special visitor. We couldn't believe that Santa Claus came to visit everyone at Nathaniel Newton!! He asked us if we had all been good this year and if we had made our Christmas List. Santa even bought a delicious chocolate treat for us all. 


Party Day 

This afternoon it was Year 1's Christmas Party. We had so much fun dancing and singing to lots of Christmas songs. We played a game of pass the parcel and musical statues. 


Snowman Christmas Cards

We have been busy making snowman Christmas cards for our families at home. To get the round snowman shape we used a potato cut in half dipped in white paint and printed it onto some card. Once it was dry we added the features of a snowman and some of us even added a hat and scarf. We then wrote our Christmas message inside. 

Seasons Calendars

We have been busy making our very own calendars. We have created a tree which represents all four seasons. First we painted the tree trunk. Next we coloured in the background of each section using wax crayons. Then we used different materials such as paint, tissue paper, glitter and cotton wool to create blossom, leaves and snow.  


Christmas Jumper Day

Today we got into the Christmas spirit by coming to school in our festive Christmas clothes and jumpers. 


Christmas Tree Decorations

This afternoon we were designing our own baubles to decorate our school Christmas tree. We designed a pattern on the bauble template and then coloured in using wax crayons. We completed our bauble by using different sparkles to make it festive. 


Christmas Pantomime 

This morning we had a special and very exciting visit to school. We watched the pantomime Dick Whittington. 
We had so much fun joining in with the songs and actions. We also had a yummy goodie bag to enjoy whilst watching the show.