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Welcome to 1Ir!

Christmas Jumper Day

We loved Christmas Jumper Day and raised lots of money for charity. We also sang some Christmas songs in front of the Christmas tree in the hall. We wish you all a merry Christmas and a very happy New Year!


In our maths lessons we have been learning about place value. We learnt about tens and ones and how many there are in some numbers. Then we used the Dienes to add two numbers together.

2021 Calendar and Christmas Card

In our seasons topic we learnt about what happened to the weather and trees during each of the four seasons. We made a calendar showing the changes in each season. We also made a snowman Christmas card for our families showing a wintery scene.

Children in Need Day

Today we all dressed up in our own clothes or Pudsy clothes and donated some money to help children less fortunate than ourselves.

Seasons Topic

This half-term we have been learning about seasons. We went on a walk to discover what happens to the trees in autumn. We noticed lot of the trees had lost their leaves and learnt that they were deciduous trees. We found out that trees which do not lose their leaves are called evergreen trees.

Happy Halloween!

My World and Me Topic

In this topic we have been learning about our families, homes, our body part and the five senses. We used multi-media to create a picture of our homes and made a Mr Potato Man to show which body parts we use for our senses.

















This half-term in maths we have been using Numicon to order 1 - 10 and learning how to make number bonds to 10.