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Welcome to 2Bi's Class Page 


Comic Relief - Superhero Day

Today was Red Nose Day and at Nathaniel Newton it was Superhero Day. We were able to come dressed up as our favourite superhero or wear something that made us feel super.
As a class we discussed why today was an important day and that our money donations go to the charity Comic Relief to help children in the UK and around the world. 
Some of today's activities included designing our own superhero sash and superhero eye mask.  
Then in the afternoon we watched The Incredibles movie as a special treat. 


2Bi - In it Together

To celebrate our return to school we all designed our own photo frame where we drew ourselves and some of our close friends. It has been strange time for us all but we read a story which reminded us the reasons why we had to stay at home. The story showed us that if we all work together we can help keep ourselves and others around us safe. 
In school we are working hard as a class bubble to do this - 2Bi we're in it together!!


2Bi - Back Together Again

Today was a very happy day for us all as we were finally able to welcome everybody back to school.
2Bi have been reunited, we have missed each other so much and we couldn't be happier. 


World Book Day - Pyjama Day

This week it has been World Book Week and we have been reading lots of books written by the author Allan Alhberg. We learnt lots of facts about Allan and created a fact file and also listened to lots of his stories including Burglar Bill, Mrs Wobble the Waitress and Master Millionaire. We even recited one of his poems, Please Mrs Butler.
We have had lots of fun this week especially Thursday as we came to school in our pyjamas!!! Today we shared with our friends our favourite book we love to read and explained why it was our favourite. 


Merry Christmas

I hope everyone has an amazing Christmas and New Year. 
Well done to 2Bi for all your hard work this term, I am so proud of each and every one of you!

I also want to thank the children and families for the Christmas gifts myself, Mrs Barnes and Miss Doherty received. It was very kind of you all and very much appreciated. 


Christmas Party Day

Today was 2Bi's Christmas Party Day. We wore our best party clothes and we played lots of games like musical statues, musical bumps and pass the parcel. We also had a dance competition for best dancer. We all had so much fun spending time with our friends and listening to lots of Chrsitmasy songs.



Cinderella Pantomime

Today was a very exciting day because the pantomime was coming live to Nathaniel Newton! Due to the current restrictions we were not able to visit the theatre like we normally would so instead we turned our classroom into one and watched Cinderella virtually from our classrooms. 
We had our own pantomime tickets to show when we entered and during the show we enjoyed some delicious snacks. 


Christmas Jumper Day

Today it was Christmas Jumper Day and we all came to school in our festive Christmas clothes. 
It was also the day we performed our Christmas songs, 'Rock Around the Shops' and 'Once in Royal David's City'. 


Christmas Tree Decoration

Today we made a decoration to hang on the Christmas tree. 


Evacuee Poem

As part of our topic we have recited an evacuee poem off by heart. 

I’ve left my Mum, she had to stay
I wish she’d come with me today.
I’ve left my bike, my pride and joy
I couldn’t bring my favourite toy
I’ve left my friends, all I know
I wish I didn’t have to go.


Gas Mask Boxes

As part of our topic ‘WW2 The Home Front’ we learnt about gas masks and that everyone needed to carry their gas mask box with them at all times. We coloured the net of a cuboid, cut the net out and folded it carefully. We then stuck the flaps to the side of the box and made two holes for the string handle. We also created a label for our boxes.


Metal Detectors 

We found out that within Nuneaton and other places in the UK any spare metal was collected up during WW2 to be melted down to make weapons such as guns, bullets and bombs, and helmets for the soldiers. Today we went for a walk around our school grounds to look for metal that could have been melted down for WW2 weapons.


Evacuee Suitcase

This week in our Topic ‘WW2 The Home Front’ we have been thinking about how it would feel to be an evacuee and have to leave your home quickly. We have drawn and coloured items that are special to us to add to our suitcases. We thought about why we would want to take each of these items with us.


Identity Cards

To kick start our topic 'WW2 The Home Front' we all made our own identity cards to keep safe in our drawers. If we are ever stopped by a member of the army we must present these straight away so that they know we are from Great Britain and no from one of the Axis countries. It was a criminal offence not to carry your identity card during World War Two.


Blitz Experience 

Today we experienced what it would be like during WW2, The Blitz. When the air raid siren began we had to quickly take shelter and hide under the tables to keep safe. We knew it was safe to come out when we heard the siren for the second time.