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Welcome to our class page!

Below you will find some updates on our recent learning and adventures in Year 2.

Summer Term 1-

What a quick half term! However, Year 2 have still managed to pack lots of learning in as well as doing fantastically in their KS1 'quizzes'. This term we have been learning about Oceans and Islands, exploring the different layers of the ocean and researching Hawaii. We have also been investigating which animals live in the sea and on land, as well as creating our own Hawaiian Lei's in art. At the end of our half-term we have been celebrating the Queen's Jubilee with a fantastic street party out on the school field. Each class at NNI performed a song from each decade of the Queen's reign and 2CO finished the performance with our song 'Dynamite' from the 2020s. Lots of fun was had by all!



Spring Term 2:

What an exciting term we have had! From egg rolling, Easter bonnet parades and sponsored obstacle races, to performing a 2CO class poem to the whole school- we have had lots of exciting opportunities this term. The children have enjoyed a science workshop where they made slime, a drum workshop, a visit to RAF Cosford and a trip to Michael Drayton's Y3 recorder concert. 

Thanks to all parents and carers for their ongoing support this term, enjoy the Easter break.

Miss Cooper

We have had a very exciting start to our new term!

On Monday we learned all about the significance of what Shrove Tuesday means and why Mardi Gras parades exist. We created our own masks with beautiful sequins and paint, ready to wear for the parade on Tuesday.

On Tuesday we decorated our own pancakes before dashing off to the hall to learn a dance routine for our festivities. Afterwards, we were able to eat our pancake creations before walking over to Michael Drayton Junior School.

Once at Michael Drayton, we joined the rest of Nathaniel Newton and Michael Drayton to party through the streets. Playing our kazoos, we made lots of grown ups smile. Once we returned to school, we had lunch and spent the rest of the afternoon sharing our favourite parts of the day.

This week, we turned our classroom into an aeroplane to mark the start of our ‘flight’ topic. We welcomed the children onto Flight ‘12345’ ready to embark on an imaginary trip from Birmingham Airport to Paris. The children were checked in by passport control Mrs Barnes, before being welcomed by pilot ‘Captain Cooper’. The cabin crew demonstrated the safety procedures, showing the children where the emergency exits were and discussed the importance of wearing a seatbelt. Refreshments were served by the catering team (Mrs Barnes and Miss Cooper) before a slightly turbulent landing at Charles de Gaulle airport!

Lots of fun was had by all and it provided opportunity to ask a lot of questions about how commercial flights work.


Spring Term 1: 

During this first half term we have been learning all about the Great Fire of London of 1666!

Science experiment
In science we have been exploring what it means to be waterproof and how we can tell whether different types of materials are waterproof. This stemmed from a discussion around leather buckets which were used to help put out the fire during the Great Fire. We made our predictions and after conducting a fair test, we discovered which materials were the most absorbent.

In art we have created our very own ‘London’s burning’ collage by layering different coloured tissue as our background, creating our flame effect. Next, we discussed the features of Tudor houses which were extremely flammable. Then, we added silhouettes of different houses to create our burning street scene.

Wider Learning
Our year group have been fortunate to have had a visit from a baker who is coincidentally the grandad of one of our Year 2’s! We were able to ask our ‘burning’ questions about what the life of a baker entails to really understand what it must have been like for Thomas Farriner- the careless baker who accidentally started the Great Fire. This has helped us understand the similarities and differences between then (1666) and now (2022).

Autumn term round up:

During our first half-term in Y2, we have been busy learning all about Asia and Antarctica in our topic lessons. We have been making comparisons between the two continents, discovering new facts on both Antarctica's penguins and China, designing and making our own globes amongst many other exciting activities. 

In our second half-term in the run-up to Christmas, we have been learning all about World War Two. Year 2 have been very busy learning about evacuees, writing letters imagining we had been evacuated, designing our own 'junk model' Anderson shelter for our science investigation, discovering what happened to Nuneaton during the war as well as going on an exciting metal walk around the school. The children have also used their designing skills to create their very own gas mask boxes, as well as putting their maths skills to the test when working out WW2 rations. 

A big well done to all the children in 2CO for their fantastic learning this term. See you all in Spring term!