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Summer 2

In our final half term this year, we are learning about two Intrepid Explorers from different periods in history. We are trying to answer the big question: Who was more brave - Christopher Columbus or Neil Armstrong?

We have looked at some world maps that were created around the time of Christopher Columbus, and thinking like historians, tried to work out the chronological order of when they were made. We spotted that none of them had the 7 continents we learned about in the autumn term, and some of them didn't even have the American continents.

In Science we are learning about plants. We went out into the field to use our observational skills to try and work out what type of seed dispersal each plant used - blowing, eating, exploding, floating, falling or sticking.


Summer 1

This half term we learned about Oceans and Islands. We started off with a bit of orienteering on the playground. The children had to follow compass directions to solve a riddle and find the treasure!

In Maths we have been learning about shape and time.

This half term we were very lucky to get to celebrate the King's Coronation! We all made crowns and flags, and went on a procession around Hartshill with other local schools.

Spring 2

To get into the mood for our Flight topic this half term, we all made our own passports, and boarded a Nathaniel Newton Airways aeroplane to go on an adventure together!

One of our favourite activities this half term was learning to code a set of instructions to fly drones over an obstacle course.

This is one of the children's algorithms to complete the course.

At the start of this half term, we also had lots of fun on World Book Day. There was lots of amazing costumes, and our learning for the day all focussed around the book You Must Bring A Hat.

Spring 1

This half term we learned about The Great Fire of London. Mr Johnson told us that he had found something mysterious in the field and asked us to investigate. We went out to have a look, and found a time capsule buried near the fence! Inside, we found some old paper with a quill pen and ink, some wine and some really stinky Parmesan cheese! Later on we learned that Samuel Pepys kept a diary about the Great Fire of London, and he buried his cheese and wine to save it from the fire!

We also learned how to safely use saws to cut wood this half term. We designed and created our own Tudor houses using wooden dowel, cardboard and straw.

Autumn 2

This half term we learned about World War 2. We started by investigating which countries were involved and which sides they were on. We have also learned about the Battle of Britain and the Blitz. We imagined what it would be like for children who were evacuated from cities to the countryside. We tried hot-seating and role playing some characters from clips of films we watched about evacuees.

In English, we have been reading Elves and the Shoemaker by Jim LaMarche. When we got back from our half-term holiday, we found someone had hidden some mysterious items in our prize box! We took them out one by one and used our inference skills to work out who it could have been.

We then looked at some pictures from the story to try and predict what might happen.