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Welcome to our class page!

Summer 2

Father's Day Celebrations

To celebrate Father's Day we had a wonderful afternoon of activities with the significant men in our lives. It was wonderful to see so many smiling faces taking part in a variety of different challenges set out around the school grounds. 

Intrepid Explorers

This half term we are working hard as historians to answer the big question: Who was more brave? Christopher Columbus or Neil Armstrong?

So far we have been investigating the life of Christopher Columbus, using maps and historical sources to find out about his life. 

Music Workshop Time

In the first week of this half term we were very excited to welcome back 'Rhythmicity' for a drumming workshop linked to the story of Handa's Surprise. We had a wonderful afternoon bringing the story to life by using a variety of percussion instruments. 

Summer 1

Hula Hooping

To end the half term we have taken part in a sponsored hula hooping event with John the Hoop Guy! We had a lovely time taking part in lots of different stations hula hooping in different ways. We are hoping to have raised lots of money for our school. 

Oceans and Islands 

This half term we have been learning all about the oceans and islands of the world. We can name the five oceans and identify the islands that are closest to different continents. Our focus has been on the island of Madagascar we have found out some amazing facts about the different landscapes. 

Living Things

As scientists, we have been learning all about animals and humans. We have identified the offspring of different animals, sorted animals depending on whether they lay an egg or give birth to live young and investigated how humans grow as they get older! 

The King's Coronation Parade

On Friday 5th May we joined the children from Michael Drayton Junior School on a parade through Hartshill. We had an amazing time waving our flags and singing songs for the King. 


Spring 2

Mother's Day Afternoon 2023

What a lovely afternoon we had to celebrate Mother's Day in school. Our mum's came into school to join us for an afternoon of craft activities, afternoon tea and a special presentation!

Amazing Grace

Our focus text is Amazing Grace by Mary Hoffman. To immerse ourselves into Grace's world we have opened mystery packages that contained clues all about familiar stories. We then used clues to help us act out the story just like Grace does in the story. 

History of Flight

This half term we are learning all about the history of flight. We have worked collaboratively to sequence different vehicles that fly in chronological order. 

All aboard Nathaniel Newton Airways!

What an amazing start to our new topic we've had! Before we could board a Nathaniel Newton Airways plane we needed a passport, so we used PurpleMash software to create passports using text and images. Then we set off on our adventure!  

Microhabitat Hunting

As scientists, we have been exploring our school grounds looking for microhabitats. We used magnifying glasses to observe closely and thought carefully about why certain habitats were suitable for different living things. 

Spring 1

Safer Internet Day 2023

To celebrate Safer Internet Day, the children in 2Ev have been exploring safe ways that we can use technology in our daily lives. We looked at a number of different situations that we might use technology and worked together to place them on a 'Like Ladder'. The most popular way we use technology in 2Ev is to play games, and the least popular was shopping! 

The Life of Samuel Pepys

The children in 2Ev have been learning all about Samuel Pepys and why he was so important. To learn all about his life we have played different active learning games. Our favourite is 'Quiz Quiz Trade' where we get to ask lots of questions and use our new knowledge to answer them. 

Time for a new topic!

To begin our new topic we have experienced a full day of activities to provide us with lots of clues about what it could be all about. 

Mrs Evans challenged us to make our very own bread! We worked together to follow a recipe, measuring ingredients carefully and persevering when the kneading got hard work!

Our school caretaker, Mr Johnson, told us about an area of our school field that he wanted us to investigate! He thought something had been buried there! Mr Coates helped us to dig up the mystery object... it was a time capsule filled with clues!

We explored the mystery artefacts that we found in our woodland area! 

Then we have made predictions about what our new topic could be, using the clues from today's activities to help us! We decided that our new topic was all about 'The Great Fire of London' and we were spot on! 

Autumn 2


2Ev have worked really hard to imagine what life was like for evacuees during World War 2. We have watched short clips from the films 'The lion, the witch and the wardrobe' and 'Goodnight Mr Tom' to immerse ourselves in what life was actually like for the children during wartime. We then thought carefully about how the children would have felt, using ambitious vocabulary choices. Then, we role-played conversations between the children to empathise with the characters. 

Vocabulary Building

In our text 'The Elves and the Shoemaker' there is some amazing vocabulary used to describe the characters, the setting and the materials used to make shoes. We have worked really hard to develop our vocabulary, thinking carefully about our adjective choices to create expanded noun phrases. To build on this even further, we played a game to build similes to describe the elves, the materials and other characters in the traditional tale. 

Fact Finding!

Our topic is all about World War Two. We have been developing our collaboration skills by playing the game 'Each One, Teach One' to gather important information about the war. We each had an interesting fact to share and by the end of the lesson we had all found out something new about World War 2. 

Then we used our new knowledge to sequence key events chronologically, looking closely at the key dates to help us. 

Detective Time! 

To start of our new learning about a mystery text, Mrs Evans was very sneaky and didn't tell us the name it. Instead, she gave us lots of clues to help us work it out for ourselves. We were given 4 pictures from the story, and worked hard in small groups to identify what we could see and what we could infer.