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Welcome to 2Fo's Class Page 

Below you will find lots of pictures of all the things we get up to in 2Fo! 

Queens Jubilee Celebrations

What a great week - we have learnt, laughed, baked and crafted our way through the Jubilee. Have a lovely half term everyone!

Trip to RAF Cosford

To finish off our topic, 'Flight' we travelled to the RAF Museum at Cosford in the last week of term. We had a very packed, exciting day planned and were so excited to get to see some of the aeroplanes that we had been learning about this term. 

First we went to the Test Flight hangar and each got a chance to sit in a real aeroplane, moving the joystick and controls to manoeuvre the wings and tail. 


Then we looked around some of the hangars to look at the different aeroplanes. We were so excited to spot a Vulcan and a Spitfire!



We had a play in the aeroplane themed play park before lunch which was lots of fun!


Finally, we had a rocket making workshop where we made our own rockets and set them off to see whose rocket could fly the highest and hit the exit sign! 


We had such a fantastic day and can't wait for our next school trip!


Talk for Writing - The Dragon Machine

This half-term in English lessons we are focusing on the text, 'The Dragon Machine'. Can you please support your child in learning this text by heart, using the story map to support them? Give them as many opportunities as possible to retell the story to you. 



Welcome from Mrs Bates and Mrs Chappenden!

We have had a very exciting start to Spring 2 with a very busy week including Mardi Gras (or Fat Tuesday as we found out) and World Book Day! 

Mardi Gras Parade

We had two days off timetable to prepare for our Mardi Gras parade in Hartshill. We learned all about Mardi Gras and why it is celebrated. We then designed and made our own Mardi Gras masks! On Mardi Gras day we had a dance school come in to teach us some special Mardi Gras dances which we really loved. We then got to add toppings to pancakes and eat them as part of Pancake Day, before having a pancake flipping contest where over half the class were able to successfully flip the pancakes.


Finally, we headed out in our colourful costumes for the Parade, where we played our kazoos and sang 'When the Saints Go Marching In' while marching through the streets of Hartshill, and on the way back up we danced along to the music as we performed the dances we had learned in the Parade. We had a fantastic two days and hope we get to do it again next year!



We have really enjoyed getting to know the class since January and have had lots of fun this half-term, learning about 'The Great Fire of London'. 


A message from Miss Ford!

I just want to take this opportunity to say thank you to 2Fo for being such a lovely class, they've worked so hard this term and made so much progress they should be really proud of themselves. It's been my absolute pleasure to teach them and I'm going to miss each and everyone of them. Thank you to all of the 2Fo families that have been so supportive about my new adventure. Thank you for all the kind words, cards and gifts. I've been truly spoilt. Thank you to all the staff at Nathaniel Newton for making working here such a lovely job, and for all the leaving treats I've had. I will miss you all. I will be back and I can't wait to come and visit lots. 
Thank you, Miss Ford :) 

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from 2Fo

Christmas Play 

We looked amazing in our Christmas Play and loved taking part. I was so proud of everyone and it really was a lovely way to end my time at Nathaniel Newton. 



Our Christmas Decorations

This year we used 3 lollipop sticks to  make a triangle Christmas Tree. We put these on our school Christmas Tree in the hall, and now we are going to bring them home to put on our own tree. 



 Our Anderson Shelters

Here are some of our final products! Which one do you think will be the strongest and why?

Building Anderson Shelters

This week we have been busy designing and then building our own Anderson Shelters. The design brief was to make the strongest Anderson Shelter we could using recycled materials. Some children chose tin, cardboard and even wood. They worked really well together to create strong Anderson Shelters. Next week we are going to complete a fair test and drop a bomb (a weight from 1 meter) and see how strong the Anderson Shelters we have created really are.


Gas Mask Boxes
Today we created our own Gas Masks Boxes, we learnt that people had to carry their gas mask at all times in case there was an attack. So they had a special bag or box which made it easier for them to carry around with them.

 Money Money Money 

This week in maths we have been learning to recognise different coins and makes amounts of money with coins. We then challenged ourselves to see if we could make the same amount of money in lots of different ways.

 Evacuee Suitcase

We learnt all about how children had to be evacuated to the countryside during the Second World War to keep them safe from the bombing attacks that mainly took place in the cities and at the ports. Can you tell your grown up why bombing took place in the cities? As part of our learning about evacuee's we thought about and created an evacuee suitcase. We could choose up to 5 special things to take with us and the children had some amazing and very lovely ideas. 

"I would pack a photograph of my family so I don't miss them." 

"I would pack my favourite teddy so I can snuggle him at night and he smells like my home."

"I would pack a pillow so I'm always comfy."

Identity Cards 

We learnt that everyone in England had to carry an identity card with them at all times to prove who they were if they were asked. We've had lots of fun checking these regularly in class to make sure there are no German spies in 2Fo!


WW2 The Home Front 

To kick-start our WW2 Topic we had a pretend Blitz in the classroom, the air raid siren went off, and we all had to take cover. Although we all found this very exciting, we thought about how scary this would have been if we had been alive during WW2. We also had tape of the window just like they did in WW2. Halloween

All the children looked amazing on Halloween, great outfits 2Fo and some very spooky face paint!

Chinese Panda's

Today we combined water colour, wax and cotton wool to make these amazing Chinese Panda's!

China Research 

As part of our Continents Topic we have been finding out a lot about China the largest country in the Continent Asia. We read different books to find out more facts and information about China. 

Food Chains 

This week we have been learning all about Food Chains. We've learnt some new vocabulary - Producer, Consumer, Prey and Predator. We had lots of different images of plants and animals, and then we had to sort these into the correct food chains. We worked really hard and showed that we have an excellent understanding of Food Chains. Well done 2Fo! 



Baking - Macmillan

Today we made some delicious cookies for the charity Macmillan, we worked together to make the mix and rolled a cookie each and placed it carefully on the tray. Tomorrow once they are all cooked we will bring them home to eat with a hot chocolate, but we can't promise we will share!!! 




Researching - Emperor Penguins

This week as part of our Antarctica learning, we have been researching and finding out as many facts as we can about Emperor Penguins. Can you tell your grown up a fancy fact about Emperor Penguins?


Maths - Addition 

This week in maths we have been working on our addition skills and methods. We started off using the cubes to help us add and then moved to the written method of using tens and ones, we're fabulous now and can even solve addition word problems. Next we are going to be moving onto subtraction. 

Our Globes 

We were so proud of our globes as they looked fabulous once finished, we also added a ribbon to represent the equator!

Creating Globes 

This week we have been making our own globes. We labelled the continents on a map, coloured them in and cut them out. We then layered a balloon in newspaper and kitchen roll, using pva to set the Paper Mache. Afterwards we painted the dried balloons blue to represent the oceans, and stuck the continents on in the correct places to make an accurate globe.

Maths - Representing Numbers 

This week in maths we have been working hard to represent numbers using tens and ones. We partitioned the number into how many tens and how many ones we needed and then represented this using the cubes.

Milk Carton Elmer's 

We also created Elmer's out of milk cartons. Thank you so much to everyone who collected them and sent them in. We cut the milk carton in half, cut out legs and a snipped the trunk. Then we added colourful patches of tissue paper to make some really cute Elmer's.

Stain Glass Elmer's

We cut out the inside of Elmer's elephant shape and then stuck a range of different colourful patches of tissue paper on. Then we stuck them on the window, they look fabulous on our classroom window.