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Gas Mask Boxes

Today we have been creating our very own gas mask box to place our mask in for when there is a gas explosion.  We first got given a net of a cuboid which we needed to carefully cut out. Then we turned it over and coloured all of it in brown. After this we folded all of the folds and then created our cuboid through gluing it together. Afterwards we tied our string to our gas mask and then added a name tag to it, so that if we ever lost it, it could hopefully be returned





Reaction Times!

Today during PE, we have been focusing on quickly we can react! First in pairs, one of us had to drop a large ball and the other one had to grab as soon as it dropped. We then moved on to using tennis balls. Each pair had two each. We held them high up and have to drop one of them, again our partner had to grab it as quickly as they could!






This week in our music lesson, we have been using a variety of instruments to accompany a range of chants. We used the wooden blocks for the upbeat chants and the shakers  for the mysterious sounding chants. 







Evacuee Suitcase

Today we have been learning about what happened to the children who were in the War. We discovered that many of them who lived in the cities, were sent away to the countryside to live with another family. They were allowed to take one suitcase with them filled with things that were important. In class we had a discussion about the different items we would take if we were evacuated from our homes and sent somewhere else to live. We then created our own suitcase filled with possessions and have then written sentences about why we would take these items with us. 






Identity Cards

In World War II people were given identity cards to prove who they were. To prove who we are, we have created our own identity cards, which we have put in our draws, so that we can prove our identity to any of the other teachers and children!





Air Raid!

This half term our topic is all about World War II. Today we experienced what it would be like during WW2, The Blitz. When the air raid siren began we had to quickly take shelter and hide under the tables to keep safe. We knew it was safe to come out when we heard the siren for the second time. 






Rolling, Throwing and Catching.

This half term, our PE cog is 'Physical'. Within this cog, there are a lot of activities which involve us using different size balls. Today with a partner, we have been practising to roll a small and large ball to one another, as well as practising to throw and catch both a small and large ball. 







Giant Panda Art!

As we have been learning about China over the last couple of weeks, we have created a image of a panda, as we have learnt that the Giant Panda is native to China.  We first using watercolour created a background. Then we followed step by step instructions on how to draw a panda. After that we cut our panda out and glued it on to the background we created earlier. We added cotton wool to the panda’s body to add texture. Below are pictures of us creating our pandas and our finished pieces. 





Mandarin Writing 

As we have started exploring China this week, we thought it would be a really good idea to write our names using mandarin letters. We then had someone in our class teach us how to say the numbers in Mandarin too which was really fun!




Facts about China

As part of our topic 'Continents, Antarctica and Asia' we have been researching the country China which is in Asia. We have used the Ipads to find lots of different facts about China. With the facts we found we created a class mindmap which will help us with our writing work later on in the week!





This week in our Maths lessons we are focusing on money. To introduce the topic, we discussed the different coins and notes that we use. We then discussed which coin had the least amount of value and which note/coin had the highest value. We then got given our own set of coins/notes to order from smallest to highest value. We also had to write underneath each picture what amount it was. 





Food Chains

This week we have been exploring food chains in class. We have learnt that no living animal can survive without food. We then moved on to learning about how plants are the producers as they start the food chain because they produce their own food. We then discovered that animals who eat other animals/plants are known as consumers and that an animal who eats a plant/animal and gets eaten by another animal is called the prey. Finally the animal which eats another animal but doesn't get eaten by another animal is called a predator. 




Happiness Boxes!

This week we have been painting and decorating our boxes so that we can take them home to add things to it, that make us happy!





Seating Position 

As part of our PE topic this week we were practising our balancing skills. We started by sitting on our bottom and lifting one hand and then one foot. We then lifted both a hand and a foot. We finished with lifting both feet and hands off which we found really tricky as really worked our tummy muscles!




As part of our Continents, Antarctica and Asia topic, we created our own globes. First we labelled our maps and cut out all of the continents. Then we  glued kitchen roll and newspaper to our balloons and left them until they went hard. We then painted them blue and when they were dry we added the continents to the globe. 




Addition and Subtraction Tens and Ones Maths

Over the last couple of weeks, we have been using diennes to help us identify how many tens and ones one and two digit numbers have. We then used the diennes to help us solve addition sums and subtraction sums!