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Summer 2 

Bean Growing

As part of Science, we have been learning about plants. To conclude our Science topic on plants, we have been growing beans is a different way. We firstly placed a paper towel into a sandwich bag and stapled the bag. Then we placed three beans on top of the staples inside the bag and added water. We then hung them up on the washing line. Look how much they have grown over 2 weeks.  We have now taken them home to continue their growing journey in a pot!



Neil Armstrong

As part of our learning, we have been writing a biography about Neil Armstrong. However before we could write our biography, we had to do lots of research to help us understand why he is a significant figure in history. To help us to do this we played the 'Envelope Game' This involved us reading lots of information to help us answer questions. We had to give the right answer to each of the questions before we were allowed to get the next question from the envelope.





Lets Make Some Noise!

This week we have been really lucky to be part of a music workshop. Throughout the music workshop we got to play a variety of different  instruments. We had to through the story of 'Handa's Surprise' practise playing lots of different rhythms 



Intrepid Explorers

As our topic is focused on significant explorers, we decided to follow in the footsteps of Christmas Columbus by creating our own maps. We firstly covered the paper in tea so that the map looked really old. Once it had dried we then added lots of drawings to make it look like a treasure map!







Summer 1 

We like to Hula!

For our sponsored event this year, we had to tackle a series of different challenges using our hula hooping skills. We did lots of different skills including hula hooping around our waist and our arm! 






Kings Coronation

During May we had a wonderful time celebrating King Charles III Coronation. For this special occassion we all created our very own crowns to wear and a flag to wave during the parade. We loved seeing so many people come out and watch us during the parade!









This half term, we have started exploring animals.  Today we have looked at the names of the off spring that animals have. For example we have learnt that a deer's baby is called a fawn and a hedgehog's baby is a hoglet. We had to match each of the different animals to their off spring and identify their names. 





To start our new topic, we have a challenge to complete! We had to use our understanding of the compass directions: North, South, East and West to locate an array of different letters which were scattered around the playground. Once we had collected all of the letters, we then had to identify what word they spelt out. After finding our letters spelt out the word 'COMPASS' we unlocked the treasure to reveal stars!






Spring 2 

Easter Bonnets

Wow 2McG I am super impressed with all of your fantastic creations. You all looked amazing in your bonnets and you should be super proud of yourselves!




Healthy Eating 

As part of our Jigsaw session in PSHE, we have been exploring 'Healthy Eating' we have discussed what our favourite meals are and the differences between healthy and unhealthy foods. Afterwards in groups, we completed our food plate which shows all the  foods in each of the different food  groups.  The biggest section was the fruit and vegetable part where as the things that we enjoy the most (chocolate biscuits etc) was the smallest part of the plate. 



Lets get ready to roll!

As part of our Easter celebrations we have had lots of fun egg rolling. We all stood behind the ramp and rolled our egg down to see if we could get it the furthest! Well done to Noah and Noah who came 1st and 2nd in our class competition!





Sublime Science

This half term we were super lucky to have a scientist come into school. He showed us lots of extremely cool experiments and he even taught us how to make slime!





Hula Hooping!
Today we got a visit from a man called John who is a professional hula hooper. In fact he has been on Britain's Got Talent. He came in and taught lots of different moves including how to hula hoop correctly and how to add tricks to our routines. We had so much fun but were exhausted afterwards!







Lets Explore!

This week we have been going outside to find mini beasts in their microhabitats. Before we went outside, we discussed what a habitat is and why animals are suited to their natural environment. For example, we explored how a penguin survives in the Antarctica because it has blubber where as a camel can survive in the Sahara Desert because it has a hump to store water. We then explored what a microhabitat is and why mini beasts live there.







World Book

What a busy day we had! As a class we focused on the book called A Smart Cookie, so we started the day off by taste testing lots of different cookies! Once we had finished our delicious snacks, we then moved on to baking our own cookies which was extremely fun! Whilst we were baking we were also creating our own cookie designs to go on our class canvas which is going to be hung up in the library! 







Lets Fly Away!

We have had a really exciting day celebrating our new topic of Flight. We began the day by creating our own passports using purple mash. This is involved us adding our details and taking a picture of ourselves so that when we boarded the flight in the afternoon. Afterwards we then learnt about Leonardo DaVinci as he was known for not only his painting of the Mona Lisa, but also his drawings of different flying machines. Our task then was to recreate one by placing tracing paper over the design and carefully tracing over it. In the afternoon we then went on a flight to America. Before we could board however, we had to show our passport to the flight attendants. Once we had been allowed on we then sat down and read the safety briefing before watching a safety video flight! When that had finished we enjoyed some snacks and a movie whilst we were on our flight!








Spring 1 

Tudor Houses

To conclude our topic, 'The Great Fire of London' on the last day we created our very own Tudor houses. We started by creating a design of how our house would look. We then created the  structure of our house using chopped up pieces of wood. Afterwards we then attached black paper to represent the tar and then created our straw house to our design. We had a great day!  







How Long is it?

As part of our maths work this week, we have been using rulers and metre sticks to measure the length of different items. Today we went outside and measured to the nearest m how long different items on the playground are. We also ended the session by how long a section of the playground is using a trundle wheel!





Trunk Theatre

We had a fantastic morning watching the Trunk Theatre's show about The Great Fire of London! We got to watch the event being retold in a really fun way, as well participate in lots of dancing, games and art!



Leather Bucket

We have been lucky enough to have in our library service box this half term a leather bucket. We have learnt that a leather bucket was the only way of getting water onto the fire, as there was no fire engines or hoses to stop the fire back in 1666. We thought that the leather bucket was a little heady and thought about how exhausted people would of been by having to constantly refill the bucket and then chuck the water on to the fire. 



Safer Internet Day 

Today we focused on Safer Internet Day and spoke about how we can stay safe whilst using the Internet nd our electronic devices. We started our afternoon by finding out different things our friends do and then created our own online scenery. 





Who are you Samuel Pepys?

During our Topic, we have learning all about Samuel Pepys. We have learnt about him through a game called Envelope game. We were all given a fact and had to read all of the information on the table to find the answer. We were not allowed to get another question unless we gave the right answer to the question we had to Miss McGrath! After learning all of the answers to the facts we then put the answers into sentences





Teach One!
As part of our English lessons, we have been learning about the Plague through our game called 'Each one Teach one.' We had to all get one fact each and then whilst moving around the classroom, we had to read our fact to another person. At the end of the lesson we then shared what new facts we had learnt about the Plague




In our Computing sessions this half term, we have been using a programme on Purple Mash called '2Go' with this programme we have been creating algorithms to navigate an object to a certain destination using positional language such as left and right and up and down. We were set a series of different challenges and each one got progressively harder !






Today during our topic, we have been looking at photographs of maps of London that were taken in 1666 and exploring how things such as the roads and houses were organised very differently to how they are in the present day.



What numbers have I made?

Today in Maths, we have been exploring two digit numbers and identifying the value of each of the digits by using lots of different resources, such as tens and ones and numicon. We have been practising that the first number in a two digit number represents how many tens there are in that number and the second number represents how many ones there are in that number.






First Day Back!

What a fantastic start we have had! On our first day back, we case into school to discover lots of different objects which we used to predict what are new topic was going to be. We came into see a loaf of bread, candle, a sign saying Pudding Lane, a picture of a rat and a burnt piece of wood. Together we came up with the idea that our topic is going to be 'The Great Fire of London' and we were correct

Afterwards we then had to work collaboratively with one another to create a loaf of bread following a recipe!





After breaktime, Mr Coates asked us all to go outside, where we discovered a time capsule, which we discovered was from 1666. Inside it there was 3 bottles of wine, a quill, a quill container, ink,  3 blocks of cheese and a letter which had letters on it that we couldn't work out!




To reflect our new topic, we then decided to create the front cover of our new topic books, by creating a Great Fire of London silhouette, using red, orange and yellow tissue paper and black paper to represent the houses. 



Before we went home at the end of the day, we were able to try some delicious bread!





In our story book we have discovered that there were lots of different similes in it to make the author's story even more exciting. We discovered that a similes always contains the words like or as. We had a lot of different adjectives that we had to compare to a noun for example cheeky like an elf or as soft as butter. After working as a group to create a variety of similes, we then had a go at creating our own. 




In the story that we have been learning 'The Elves and the Shoemaker', there are lots of brilliant words in there which makes the story far more interesting. However even though they are brilliant words we were not sure what they meant. So we had a huge class discussion about them and then had to match the different verbs, adjectives and nouns to their definition in small groups. 




Lest we forget

On Friday 11th November, it was remembrance day. As well as learning about the significance of it, we also created our own version of Flanders Field, which was the field where the poppies grew.  We firstly painted the background and then added graves stones in black card to create a silhouette. Afterwards we scrunched up red tissue paper for the poppies and used green crayons for the leaf of each poppy. 




Keep on Rolling

This week during our PE lessons, we have been working extremely hard with our rolling skills. In pairs we had to make sure that when we were rolling that our legs were straight and lifted and that are arms were behind our head and straight as well. We also had to keep our tummy muscles really tight. We then had to do as many rolls as we could in this position. 



When did it all happen?

 As part of our new topic, we have been exploring key events that happened during World War II. As well as learning about the key events, we have been learning about when they took place. After learning all of the facts, we then had to chronologically order them to create our own timeline.




Questions Galore!

Over the last couple of days we have been exploring different pictures from a book that we are yet to read. For each of the pictures in our group we had 3 questions that we needed to answer. 1. What can you see? 2. What do you think? 3. What do you wonder? We had three different colours so that we could show which question we were answering each time! We came up with lots of fantastic ideas. 







Allies and Axis

After learning lots of different facts about WWII we also discovered which countries were Allies and which were Axis. We have learnt that the main Allies were United Kingdom, France and USA and the main Axis were Japan, Italy and Germany!



WW2 Facts 

Today we started our brand new topic of World War II. In order for us to learn information we all got given a fact to read and share with our friends!







What's in the bag? 

Today when we walked into class we discovered a bag that contained an array of different items. We carefully took the items out of the bag and discussed what we thought all the items may mean and why they may be important.







Spooktacular Art

To finish our topic for this half term, we have been creating either an Antarctica or Desert Scene. We used a variety of materials such as sand paper,  cotton wool and tissue paper to create different effects. We had lots of fun especially as we got to do it in our Halloween outfit. 





Purple Mash 

Today we have been using the ipads to practise logging on to purple mash using our user name and password. Once we were on it we were then allowed to explore the games that were on it as our Social Time Treat






English - Sunny the Meerkat

In English we have been reading the story of Meerkat Mail and Sunny has left us a letter detailing the latest adventure that he has been on. We had to read the letter and identify key parts of it such as the address, first person and salutation. 





Yellow Day

As part of World Mental Health Day, we have been doing lots of different things including mediation and yoga, which have been lots of fun!





Topic- Reading Facts

Today we walked into class to discover lots of different facts spread out across the entire a classroom. All of the facts were about animals and it was our jobs to read the facts and decide which animal it was about. 



Topic Human and Physical Features

As part of our topic we have been exploring what a human feature and physical feature is. After we had learnt the definition of each of these terms, we then what physical and human features you might find in the 7 different continents. 






English Lost and Found 

We were extremely shocked to come into our class to discover a suitcase that had been left in our classroom! We opened it up and discovered lots of different things that were clues as to who it belonged to. After a while we discovered that it belonged to the little boy in the story of Lost and Found. From this we have learnt the story and also came up with actions to help us retell the story as well. 







To start our topic Continents - Antarctica and Asia we have been busy making a globe. We started off by covering the balloon in newspaper and tissue. We then painted it all in blue to represent the water and then added the 7 continents on to it once it had dried. 

We had lots of fun getting messy!