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Aims and Visions

At Nathaniel Newton Infant School, we believe that our school should be a warm and welcoming place, where everyone feels safe, secure and happy. The environment should be stimulating and inviting, and a place where children feel part of a family.

We will seek to provide an atmosphere where children are encouraged to be the best they possibly can. We aim to celebrate and encourage diversity, and foster an inclusive environment. Our teachers should have the highest expectations of our children and likewise we want our children to have the highest expectations of themselves.

We consider that it is imperative that all children are regarded highly and that there is equality of opportunity for all. It is vital that the children know that they have a voice and that they will be listened to. Life skills such as independence, initiative and the potential to become responsible citizens are all actively encouraged.

Education should be a partnership between the child, parent or carer and school, therefore nurturing these relationships is a key factor in securing high standards. We recognise the important role that the school plays in the wider community and we should strive to further develop and strengthen our relationships with other stakeholders.

We strongly believe that school plays a vital role in encouraging high standards of behaviour in children, and in fostering the philosophy of lifelong learning in our children, therefore improving their prospects. We want our children to become fully rounded individuals with positive aspirations for life.

If we can make this vision a reality we shall be playing our part in developing the

responsible citizens of tomorrow.

At Nathaniel Newton we aspire to:

  •  Create a welcoming, happy, inclusive, safe and secure environment

  • Appreciate and celebrate diversity.
  • Promote an enjoyment of school and a lifelong love of learning.

  • Provide a broad, balanced, stimulating and challenging curriculum.
  • Have the highest expectations of every child in all aspects of school life.

  • Appreciate, encourage and develop every child’s individual skills, abilities and talents.
  • Develop high quality home-school and wider community links.

  • Equip children with the attitudes, values and skills needed to become informed, active and responsible citizens.

  • Provide the children with opportunities to pursue their own interests through a range of extra curricular interests.