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Autumn 1

Antarctica and Asia

This half-term we are learning all about continents with our main focus being around Antarctica and Asia. We started off by learning about the 7 continents and we used a song to help us: 

We have been on treasure hunts around the classroom hunting for facts, been tour guides and even become a Go Jetter for the afternoon, writing our own Funky Facts.  We have also loved using Blooket on the iPads, which has helped to further develop our knowledge of Antarctica and Asia.  
We had a special Asia Day, where we spent time learning about the culture. We tasted Asian food, built our own Great Wall of China and even had a go at the famous dragon dance. 



Our main focus within maths has been around place value. We have developed our understanding of partitioning two-digit numbers and how a number is represented by its tens and ones. 

There are 3 tens and 5 ones. The number is 35. 

The parts are 30 and 5. The whole is 35. 

We have been comparing numbers using <, > and = symbols using the terminology greater than, less than and equal to. 
We have been using the part part whole model to support us with related facts and fact families.
If we know 3 + 7 = 10 then we know 30 + 70 = 100.