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Behaviour and Discipline

We work hard to make our school a happy place.  This means everyone has to respect other people and consider their feelings.  Everyone has to value themselves and care for others.  Children are encouraged to be self-disciplined and independent.   

We encourage good behaviour in our children by the 'Good to be Green' scheme (see the attachment below). The children also collect stars in their star books and each 50, 100 stars earns a small prize from the Headteacher. We have Pupil of the Week and Congratulations assemblies each week where parents, carers and family are invited to see their child receive their award.

All types of bullying behaviour are dealt with very firmly, but sensitively, by all the staff in School.  Children are actively encouraged to report any type of bullying behaviour.

On the occasions where behaviour is deemed unacceptable, appropriate sanctions will be taken. These normally involve the loss of privileges such as playtimes.  Parents are informed of unsatisfactory behaviour at an early stage and if it is necessary for us to discipline your child please do support us.   

Our full behaviour policy can be found here