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Behaviour and Relationships

We work hard to make our school a happy place.  This means everyone has to respect other people and consider their feelings.  Everyone has to value themselves and care for others.  Children are encouraged to be well-mannered, self-disciplined and independent.   

At Nathaniel Newton Infant School we are a Trauma Informed and Attachment Aware school and therefore we believe strongly in adults using questioning to support individuals in recognising the impact of their behaviour, whilst allowing children to reflect, recognise emotions, self-regulate and repair relationships. We are positive about all of our children, showing this in the way that we speak to them and guide them. This will be demonstrated in the ways children who are in distress are supported and the consequences used following an incident. We believe in connection before correction when supporting children.

We are a no shouting, no shaming school.

 We believe in promoting and recognising positive behaviour choices and reward children in various ways. These include children collecting stars in their individual star books which lead to small prizes and certificates along the way. Classes also collect class stars and each time they receive ten stars they can have 10 minutes extra playtime. We have weekly congratulations assemblies where we celebrate children's successes both within school and activities they partake in out of school. 

All types of bullying behaviour are dealt with very firmly, but sensitively, by all the staff in School.  Children are actively encouraged to report any type of bullying behaviour.

Where children are experiencing some difficulties in following the school manners, we work hard to find the root cause and support the child appropriately. We believe strongly in parents and school working closely together and we will always ensure parents are aware of any difficulties that children are experiencing.  

We call our school rules 'School Manners'. We only have three so that everyone in school can remember them. 

Our full behaviour policy can be found here