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Curriculum Intent

At Nathaniel Newton Infant school we strive to deliver a high-quality history curriculum that is accessible to all, sparks children’s imaginations and leaves them with lasting memories of what they have learnt about the past. We encourage children to question what they think they know, and the evidence they are presented with, to develop the critical thinking skills of a historian.

Our curriculum covers changes within living memories, to develop both their understanding of themselves and their families, as well as their understanding of key historical concepts such as chronology. In Year 1, for example, the children compare their toys with toys their grandparents would have played with. This is then extended to changes beyond living memory as children enjoy a visit from Tommy Top Hat, a Victorian toy specialist, who shares toys from the past with the children.

Children also learn about significant events outside of living memory, such as the Gunpowder Plot and the Battle of Hastings. In addition to this, they also learn about significant individuals, such as Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin in Reception and the Wright Brothers in Year 2.

In the local area, children enjoy learning in Year 2 about Nathaniel Newton, the man after whom our school is named. When children are learning about the War of the Roses, they walk to Hartshill Castle, an important location in the Battle of Bosworth. This really brings the history to life for them as they can imagine it all happening on their doorstep.

Children at Nathaniel Newton learn to investigate a mixture of both primary and secondary sources of information. We utilise the Schools Library Service to get artefacts and a wide range of texts relating to each topic studied. The children also make regular use of technology, including laptops and iPads, to carry out their own research.