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Curriculum Intent

At Nathaniel Newton Infant School our intent is for our children to be confident and excited mathematicians who are captivated with problem-solving. We want to provide our children with opportunities to investigate and enquire to support them in developing greater curiosity.

We aim to teach mathematical concepts through the use of first-hand practical experiences, as well as using some appropriate pictorial sources, such as images or photographs to support children’s learning, then moving on to abstract work.

We want our children to learn and use correct mathematical vocabulary.

We aim to inspire children through events such as competitions, and cross-curricular activities.

We aim to develop our children to have an awareness of the impact of maths on their lives through our practical work and linking lessons to real world scenarios (e.g.) measuring to see who is the tallest/smallest.

We also want our children to be confident in asking questions and to have chances to find the answers for themselves, encouraging them to be involved in their own learning and develop enquiring minds.