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School Uniform

School uniform is compulsory and a complete list of boys and girls option is available below. 

The School sweatshirt, cardigan, fleece, polo shirt etc. are available from three outlets. These are My Clothing (previously Tesco), Match Fit Kit on Weddington Road in Nuneaton and The Schoolwear Centre in Nuneaton town centre. 

Links to all of these outlets are available by clicking on their logos. Items can be ordered online for delivery.

Parents are able to purchase the rest of the school uniform from any outlet they choose although these companies do stock all other unbranded items.


We encourage parents to add their child's name to all belongings. We have teamed up with Stikins name labels who not only make brilliant labels but also offer the school commission on every order placed! Use the link below to reach their website.

Stikins Clothing Labels




o   Grey or black pinafore dress, skirt or trousers

o   Grey or black trousers

o   Summer – red checked dress

o   Summer – grey or black uniform shorts

o   White polo shirt (logo optional)

o   White polo shirt (logo optional)

o   Red sweatshirt or cardigan with logo

o   Red sweatshirt with logo

o   Grey, white or black socks or tights

o   Grey, white or black socks

o   Flat black shoes

o   Black shoes

o   Coat, jacket or red fleece with logo

o   Coat, jacket or red fleece with logo

o   PE kit – pumps, shorts and t-shirt

o   PE kit – pumps, shorts and t-shirt

Please remember to label everything with your child’s name.

Children should always bring a coat or jacket and have a waterproof too.  We often take small groups of children out on visits and those who do not have a coat (or waterproof if raining) will miss out on these visits.

Jewellery If children come to school wearing earrings on P.E. days, they must take them out or cover them with tape for reasons of Health and Safety and to conform to our 3rd Party Liability for duty of care.