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Curriculum Intent


Science is an integral part of everyday life, and therefore it is paramount that we recognise this within the curriculum, to enable each child to develop their excitement and understanding of the world within which they are growing up. This is achieved through our high quality Science education and stimulating and challenging learning environment, as it is essential that we prepare children for the ever-growing scientific world that they are growing up in. 

We want children to be inquisitive and curious learners and have the confidence to ask questions about how things work and why certain things happen. Expanding upon this; we want them to be able to become independent learners by finding solutions to the questions they have to support them in enhancing their problem-solving skills independently, an essential skill for when they are growing up.

At Nathaniel Newton, we aim to develop childrens scientific knowledge and skills and ability to work scientifically through hands on and memorable learning experiences for children to explore and carry investigations. Additionally, we use appropriate secondary sources, such as books, photographs and clips to support children’s learning. This aims to help them enhance their scientific vocabulary, ability to make observations, take risks and make hypothesis, which they can then test to find a conclusion.


  • We ensure that there are high standards of Science teaching is shown across each of the year groups.
  • Through demonstrating high levels of enthusiasm for Science and appropriately questioning the children, we want children at Nathaniel Newton to become as enthusiastic, by wondering about and being amazed and surprised by the world around them.
  • Key scientific language is modelled throughout lessons enabling our children to be familiar with and use vocabulary accurately
  • We implement a Science curriculum that is progressive throughout the whole school, and lessons caters for the needs of the children.
  • The attainment of each child is tracked following our Science Assessment sheets. This informs teachers where they need to support/challenge the children within Science.
  • Topics are built on as children progress throughout Nathaniel Newton, to ensure full coverage of all the National Curriculum Science areas is given.
  • Teachers ensure that all the Science areas are fully covered through careful planning for the year group that they are teaching,  following The National Curriculum programmes of study for Science 2014’ for Year 1 and Year 2  and, ‘Understanding of the World’ in the Early Years Foundation Stage
  • We also ensure that Science lessons are linked to our class topics. At the start of each topic teachers take time to find out what our children already understand and want to find out, which then aids teachers in planning lessons that not only meet the needs of the children, but also enthuses them and gives them memorable experiences.
  • Where possible we embed cross curricular opportunities, so that children can develop their science knowledge and skills alongside their knowledge and understanding within another subject.
  •  Where necessary Science lessons will be taught as standalone sessions/units to ensure all areas of Science are taught whilst at Nathaniel Newton.