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Here are some apps or websites that your child might find useful to support their learning.

Fine motor activities -

Phonics Little Wandle -

Reading website -

Oxford Owl has lots of free e-books for children of different ages

Maths website -

Oak academy -

Download the app 1 minute maths (White Rose Maths) - focus on subitising and addition and subtraction within 10 

Doorway online - to practise letter and number formation -

Other ways to help support your child

Encourage your child to dress and undress independently, turning clothes the right way.

Help your child to write their name using the Little Wandle rhymes to help with letter formation. Remember we only need a capital letter at the start of our name!

Practise counting objects.

Look for numbers when you are out and about.

Practise cutting along different lines or cutting out shapes.

Encourage children to use a knife and fork when eating.

Help your child to put on their own coat and zip it up.